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Engine Room Examination Questions


 Listed below is a table of contents of the questions on this subject as they appear in the new online study. Click on the "Enter Online Study" link above to begin preparing for your exam.

The Online Study database is updated annually now as soon as the NMC releases their sample exams. Sample exams are also posted in the online study which can be accessed from the link above.

The questions and illustrations posted in the online study are current and constantly being updated.

December 8, 2019. 58 more new deck questions have been added under, "New Questions Extracted from NMC Samples" / Deck Questions. In the pull down menu of the online study.

December 1, 2019. More new deck questions have been added under, "New Questions Extracted from NMC Samples" / Deck Questions. In the pull down menu of the online study.

November 23, 2019. More sample questions added today under the Engine Ratings category. Can be found in the pull down menu as follows: "NMC Sample Examinations", Engineer Rating 2019, QMED01 Junior Engineer Q800-801, QMED02 Electrician-Refrigerating Engineer Q802-Q803, QMED03 Oiler Q804-Q805.

November 14, 2019. 137 new questions have been added to the online study from the samples so far. They can be found under "New Questions Extracted from NMC Samples" , Engine Officer 8_19 in the pull down menu. Be sure to check these out.

November 1, 2019. Sample exams for DDE01 DDE,Unlimited HP Q620-Q625 and DDE04 DDE,1000_4000 HP Q630-Q634 were just added to the online study. Looks like some new questions and new illustrations in these samples.

October 27, 2019. Just added the latest NMC sample questions for 3AE01 Third Assistant Engineer, Unlimited Q531-Q538 to the online study. More to follow. If you are studying for any Engine Room License I strongly suggest that you look through these samples under "NMC Sample Examinations" Unlimited Engineer Officers 8_19.

September 29, 2019. Finished processing the Engine Room illustrations. The final count is 315 updated graphics added to the online study. Now to start the long process of the new questions.

September 26, 2019. As of today I have now added a total of 228 updated illustrations to the Engine Room categories. More to come.

September 12, 2019. The 2019 sample questions have been posted by the NMC. Starting the long process of assimilating these into our system. Looks at first glance like I will be finding some all new questions and illustrations to add. I will keep everyone posted as to the progress.

From the pull down menu in the online study select from the following topics:

If you are studying for a United States Coast Guard Engine Room License exam which includes this module, you should  work through these questions until you are scoring 80% or better on them.

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Unlimited Engineer Modules and Subjects

1AE01 Endorsement: First Assistant Engineer, Unlimited Modules: Q511 - Q517
Q511- General Subjects I Q512- General Subjects II Q513- Steam Plants Q514- Motor Plants Q515- Gas Turbine Plants Q516-Engineering Safety & Environmental Protection Q517-Electricity, Electronics & Control Engineering
General Subjects Refrigeration-Air Conditioning Steam Generators Motor Propulsion Gas Turbines Safety Electricity-Electronics-Control Engineering
Prints and tables Air conditioning systems Main boilers Main engines Thermo Fire theory Motor controllers
Hydraulics Refrigeration systems Feedwater systems Auxiliary engines Operating parameters Fire prevention Propulsion systems
Bilge systems Control systems Condensate systems Starting systems Start systems Fire fighting Distribution systems
Oily water separators Safety Recovery systems Lubrication systems Lubrication systems Flooding Electronic systems
Sanitary-Sewage Systems Casualty control Fuel Fuel Fuel systems Dewatering Safety
Freshwater systems Management Level Main fuel systems Fuel systems Drive systems Stability and trim Casualty control
Lubrication systems Management skills Boiler water chemistry Fuel injection systems Instrumentation-Controls Damage control Troubleshooting
Automation systems Crisis management Control systems Air-charging systems Maintenance Emerg Equip-Lifesaving Appl High voltage systems
Control systems Shipyard Automation systems Control systems Inspection General safety Computers-Networks
Propellers-Shafting Inspections-surveys Steam Engines Automation systems Troubleshooting Hazardous materials Bridge navig equip.
Distilling systems Vessel layup Main turbines Governors Casualty control Pollution prevention  
Administration Employee familiarization Auxiliary turbines Steam Generators Steam Generators U.S. rules & regulations  
Bearings Operational planning Governor systems Auxiliary boilers Auxiliary boilers    
Governors Assessing competency Control systems Water chemistry Feedwater systems    
Cooling systems Management practices Automation systems Safety Condensate systems    
Steering systems Arbitration Lubrication systems Casualty control Recovery systems    
Deck machinery Internal documents Drive systems        
Ventilation systems International laws-Conv. Auxiliary diesels        
  Technical analysis Safety        
  Maintenance systems Casualty control        
  Codes & regulations          



3AE01 Third Assistant Engineer, Unlimited: Q531-Q534
Q531- Motor Plants I Q532-Motor Plants II Q533-Gas Turbine Plants Q534-Engineering Safety & Environmental Protection
Motor Propulsion Motor Propulsion Gas Turbines Safety
Auxiliary engines Air-charging systems Bleed air systems Damage control
Fuel Automation systems Casualty control Dewatering
Fuel injection systems Casualty control Configurations Fire fighting
Fuel systems Control systems Construction Fire prevention
Fundamentals Cooling systems Drive systems Fire theory
Lubrication systems Drive systems Fuel systems Flooding
Main engines Exhaust systems Fundamentals Stability and trim
Starting systems Governors Instrument-Controls Emergency Equipment & Lifesaving Appliances
  Intake systems Intake & exhaust systems General safety
  Safety Lubrication systems Hazardous materials
  Steam systems Maintenance Pollution prevention
Water chemistry Operating parameters U.S. rules and regulations
  Steam Generators Start systems  
  Auxiliary boilers Thermo  
  Condensate syst. Steam Generators  
  Feedwater systems Auxiliary boilers  
  Recovery systems Condensate systems  
  Steam-theory Feedwater systems  
  Steam Engines Recovery systems  
  Auxiliary turbines    


3AE02 Third Assistant Engineer, Unlimited: Q535-Q538 
Q535-General Subjects Q536-Electricity, Electronics & Control Engineering Q537-Steam Plants I Q538-Steam Plants II
General Subjects Electricity-Electronics -Control Systems Steam Generators Steam Engines
Automation systems Batteries   Automation systems
Bilge systems Casualty control Automation systems Auxiliary diesels
Compressors Communications Boiler water chemistry Auxiliary turbines
Control systems Computers and networks Casualty control Casualty control
Deck machinery Distribution systems Condensate systems Control systems
Distilling systems Electronic systems Control systems Drive systems
Freshwater systems General maintenance Feedwater systems Governor systems
Governors Generators Fuel Lubrication systems
Heat exchangers High voltage systems Main boilers Main turbines
Hydraulics Motor controllers Main fuel systems Recovery systems
Instruments Motors Safety Safety
International rules-regs Propulsion systems Steam-theory  
Lubricants Safety    
Machine shop Theory    
Oily water separators      
Prints and tables      
Propellers/ shafting systems      
Sanitary-sewage syst.      
Ship construction-repair      
Steering systems      
Ventilation systems      
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning      
AC systems      
Casualty control      
Refrigeration Systems      

Limited Engineer Modules and Subjects

Exam Code: AEL01 Endorsement: Assistant Engineer-Limited Modules: Q610 - Q615
Q610-Motor Plants Q611-Steam Plants Q612-Gas Turbine Plants Q613-General Subjects   Q614- Engineering Safety & Environmental Protection Q615- Electricity, Electronics & Control Engineering
Motor Propulsion Steam Generators Gas Turbines General Subjects Governors Safety Electricity-Electronics-Control Systems
Fundamentals Steam-theory Configurations Prints and tables Cooling systems Fire theory Theory
Main engines Main boilers Fundamentals Hand tools Instruments Fire prevention General maintenance
Auxiliary engines Feedwater systems Thermo Pipes, fittings, and valves Ship construction and repair Fire fighting Generators
Starting systems Condensate systems Construction Hydraulics Steering systems Flooding Motors
Lubrication systems Fuel Operating parameters Materials science Deck machinery Dewatering Motor controllers
Fuel Main fuel systems Start systems Bilge systems Ventilation systems Stability and trim Propulsion systems
Fuel systems Boiler water chemistry Lubrication systems Oily water separators Thermo Damage control Distribution systems
Fuel injection systems Control systems Fuel systems Sanitary-Sewage Systems Heat exchangers Emergency Equipment & Lifesaving Appliances Electronic systems
Intake-Exhaust Systems Automation systems Drive systems Freshwater systems Watch duties General safety Batteries
Cooling systems Safety Bleed air systems Lubricants International rules & regulations Hazardous materials Communications
Casualty control Casualty control Intake & exhaust systems Lubrication systems Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Pollution prevention Safety
Air-charging systems Steam Engines Instrumentation and controls Automation systems Theory U.S. rules and regulations Casualty control
Drive systems Main turbines Maintenance Control systems Air conditioning systems   High voltage systems
Control systems Auxiliary turbines Casualty control Propellers/ shafting systems Refrigeration systems   Computer-networks
Automation systems Governor systems Steam Generators Machine shop Control systems    
Water chemistry Control systems Auxiliary boilers Distilling systems Instruments-gauges    
Safety Automation systems Feedwater systems Pumps Safety    
Governors Lubrication systems Condensate systems Compressors Casualty control    
Steam Generators Drive systems Recovery systems Bearings      
Steam-theory Auxiliary diesels          
Auxiliary boilers            
Feedwater systems            
Condensate systems            
Steam Engines            
Auxiliary turbines            




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For details on license requirements, application forms,  licensing fees, and testing locations, visit the United States Coast Guard / National Maritime Centers web site and look under Mariner's information center. The questions used in the online study are once again available to the public in PDF format from the NMC link above. The illustrations are not yet available for some of these questions.

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