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When you click on the link at the bottom it will take you to the following opening page in the Online Study.

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  Next: The following page will come up for you to fill out your user information, The Email Address that you enter is not only your user name, it is also the address that your validation email will be sent to. You MUST use a valid email address or you will not receive your account validation email.

  All email addresses are kept strictly confidential.

  You will make up your own password and confirm it. Remember, your password WILL NOT be emailed to you. Write it down. The password can be 5 to 16 characters and is case sensitive.


seasources login

Next: When you click submit, the following page will appear.

  This is where we run into the most problems with users trying to get into the site.


You should immediately receive an email to the address you created your account with that resembles the following.

  If you do not see this email in your inbox then check your SPAM folder to see if it went there.

  Here is where the glitch arrives. Users do not find the validation email and try creating another account or resetting their password before the first one is validated. This will basically lock them out of the system.

  Click on the validation link in the email.

Next: You will be redirected to this page where you will click on login.

 Next: This page will come up where you will log in with the your email address and the password that you made up when creating the account.


  You should be in and ready to start testing by clicking on the "TAKE A TEST" icon at the top of the page.




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